After my trip to Iceland, I was feeling like I could do anything! Well, not exactly, but I felt so proud of myself for setting aside my many fears and I wanted to keep it going.

I’ve always wanted to go to North Carolina’s Outer Banks (I’m a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks). So I looked at my bank account and decided I could do it-I booked a trip for my family in the spring-my folks are coming too. And for those who know me-this is huge!

As school began for my son and I enrolled new children in my program, I was feeling like I needed to get out and about more and exercise and have quiet reflective outings. Being so busy during the week, I just needed the peace.

I used to love hiking and having conquered that volcano hike, I decided to go hiking-by myself! I used to have so much fear about being in the woods by myself, but I found it to be peaceful and restful. I made sure I had proper gear as the season got colder, even preparing for winter hiking-which I LOVE!

My first solo hike-Mt Philo 10/8/2021

One hike led to a mountaintop lake where I sat down on a weather worn log and refueled. I started thinking of my young adult self and how many opportunities I missed out on because of my fears…there were too many to count.

Silver Lake 10/22/2021 (I stripped down to my underwear and swam!)

It all boils down to anything unknown…travel, food, new people (men in particular whether in the workplace or proximity), animals, even going to an appointment in a new building. My fear of the unknown has been hampering my experiences and relationships for much too long.

So now I practice embracing the unknown…I say practice because it’s a process and I’m not always successful. Though I am proud to say I’m making progress and finally beginning to live a richer life for it!

Rattlesnake Cliffs 10/28/2021 I was too tired to find the good lookout spot -next time!
Silent Cliff-Long Trail 11/7/2021
Robert Frost Interpretive Trail-water tower 11/19/2021
Falls of Lana 12/4/2021 a short hike after getting over being sick
Snake Mountain 12/5/2021 lots of coughing still…can’t wait to do it again!
VAST trail near my house 12/18/2021
Mount Philo 12/26/2021 hiked down in the dark-spooky!
Great Cliff long trail 1/8/2022 so steep at the top but worth it!
Wright Park 1/23/2022
Buck Mountain 1/30/2022 a new fave!!

That’s all for now!!

5 thoughts on “Feeling Brave(r)

  1. Oh jen , I’m grateful you wrote about your growth and adventures. I had questions for you and now they seem to be answered.
    Your chosen hikes look very inviting ..keep enjoying this beautiful life …
    God bless much love aunt Betsy

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No….I just was fascinated with your hiking. Wondering if you were solo etc.
        You look at peace in the solitude of the wilderness.
        It makes me happy to see wandering out of your comfort zone …
        I also love your children’s books


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