The trip was AMAZING. It was also eye opening and challenging in ways I did not expect.

First things first: it was the coolest place I never knew I wanted to see. The history, the landscape, the people…it was a unique experience, and so worth the anxiety I had felt at first.

And next, traveling with my brother…I definitely got to know him better…unfortunately he’s not nearly as enjoyable as I would have thought…that’s life though, right? But a trip this really is how you truly get to know someone and learn how to work toward common goals. I have no regrets, though let’s just say that a trip like that with my brother was a one time event…

And finally, I am so proud of myself! I really had to stretch out of my comfort zone just to get on a plane…and I spent an entire day walking the city BY MYSELF! They went off to the northern peninsula and I stayed behind. I wasn’t scared at all, like I’d thought I would be. I didn’t get lost and I felt really comfortable-what a surprise!!

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