On my quest to be less “mom” and more “me”, I have begun wearing nail polish. A friend of mine turned me on to nail polish strips that go on super easy and stay beautiful so much longer than regular nail polish, which is one reason I never bothered.

It’s funny, but the simple act of doing my nails has given me a little pick me up. Even better than that, I’ve noticed a bit of a trickle down effect in my life. In fact, I’ve asked around and have heard similar feedback from other women:

How do you feel when you have freshly manicured nails?

G: Wonderful

L: Put together, fancy, classy

W: I feel better about myself when my nails are done.

B: I feel collected and way more confident…

I definitely think that going to a spa for a manicure is the most wonderful and relaxing feeling, but doing it yourself can still have a positive effect.

  • Here are my observations about having colorful and shiny nails:
    • I feel vibrant, energetic
      I get a little attention, and who doesn’t enjoy that, especially those of us who have felt unseen
      I feel privileged, pampered, maybe a little spoiled…something I hadn’t always felt in my formative years
      Shiny beautiful nails make me smile, and feel pretty
      My bright nails also serve as a reminder to myself that I’m a woman, not just wife, mom…
      And lastly, colorful nails can be a catalyst for connection with new people!

    Here’s a link to the nail polish strip I use!


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