I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I’ve got a thing for the ocean. It’s funny, when I was a kid, I hated everything about the ocean. I’d moan and groan about the smell the most! Now it’s a smell I enjoy, and look forward to.

I have taken little trips to the ocean over the past couple of years, either by myself, or with my family. I have found a few things about these getaways to be healing for me. I’ll tell you why the ocean is my favorite prescription!

  • Getting out of my day-to-day environment motivates me to get out of my routine, allowing for new patterns and habit changes. It also removes cues that encourage me to overthink and wallow.
  • The open sky and vast water remind me that there is something so much bigger than myself out there. I’m in awe at the power of the waves and the limitless horizon. Puts my woes in perspective.
  • Alone time with no chores, therefore no guilt about said chores, allows me to feel my feelings in my own way, in my own time, and promotes healing.
  • The ocean energizes me, and so I exercise more when I’m here. And exercise is perfect for my anxiety ridden and depressed state, providing much needed endorphins!
  • Time seems to stop when I’m at the ocean, walking on the beach or even just sitting near shore. The back and forth of the waves and water slow my mind, my breathing, and soothe me.
  • There is also the negative ions that give me a boost…when the waves crash, negative ions are released and increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. Learn more about negative ions here

There you have it…my seat here on the beach is getting chilly!

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