I received an email last week about a book program, the coordinator is trying to spend the grant money by the end of 2018, having trouble, is anyone interested in being part of it…well, we’ve all been incredibly busy but I decided that free books…why not?! So I read the information, didn’t seem so tough. I just have to present material that I learned in a workshop to families and collect their feedback. They all get free books, and I get a small stipend and professional credit.

I emailed the coordinator and she was so glad to have someone willing to participate in this program last minute. I asked if I could do two of the sessions, and she told me: “You are a Christmas miracle! You’ve made my Monday!”

Turns out she’s been having some personal problems that have left her a little behind at work. She was candid with me…and even though I helped her, she helped me. Here is what she said to me:

I absolutely thank you. To be honest, the last two months have been extremely challenging for me personally and your participation in this program is, like I said before, a surprising gift that alleviates an unbelievable amount of stress for me professionally.

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