When we share a story about our own struggle, we let people know they are not alone. There is great power in feeling like others understand what you’re going through. It takes courage and confidence and a little faith to take the leap and share your struggles…

And it’s strange for me to use the word “faith” because it’s often associated with religion, and those who know me, they know that I am NOT a person who believes in any kind of god. So when I say “faith”, I mean the strong belief that I have in myself and my ideals and my philosophies.

I just watched the movie Miracles From Heaven in which a family struggles with their child’s chronic illness only for a freak accident to result in remission of her condition. And though church, religion, prayer are all pieces that I don’t include in my life, I’m still able to recognize the value they have for others.

So what’s my point? I’m not really sure…I guess I’m saying tell your story. Believe in whatever lessens your sorrow. Be open to possibilities. Perseverance is never wasted. And be brave.

See the trailer for the movie here

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