I’ve long been an admirer of a certain photographer…this one in particular has a sensual and majestic way of capturing women, children, even whole families. Her photos are just exquisite and mesmerizing.

When she posted a model call for a boudoir shoot, I found myself interested…I quickly talked myself out of it though. “That’s just not something I would want people to know about,” and “I’m a married woman and a mom, what would people think?”…all these thoughts crossed my mind.

I went to sleep that night thinking about the opportunity-there were only 5 spots, and I couldn’t really afford to do it even with the discount…but in the morning, I saw that she still had a spot open and before I could talk myself out of it, I sent her a message. I was in! And I was excited!

“As you look at the women I photograph you may find yourself thinking, “I’d book a photoshoot if only I looked like her.” But what you don’t understand is that 💯 of the women I photograph say this very statement. You are perfection just as you are; allow me to truly See You & your Soul Beauty. Reclaim your power. If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own empowering photoshoot please use the link in the comments to book your complimentary consultation. There’s so much power in saying Yes, and declaring your desires. 🌹” Megan Marie, Photographer Find her website here

I had a lot of questions and did a lot of research. I wanted to be completely prepared. After talking with the photographer, I felt at ease and hopeful that it would be a positive process. She isn’t just about taking beautiful photos, her mission is to capture the essence of a woman’s soul, to affirm the beauty that we cannot always see for ourselves, that hides behind our life-colored glasses.

She set me up with referrals to shop for lingerie, to get my makeup done, and a friend of hers would be doing my hair…all of these were way out of my comfort zone but I went in with a positive adventurous attitude! Make-Up link Hair done here! Lingerie shop here!

So fast forward to last week when I got my hair and makeup done, and showed up to her studio feeling quite unlike myself and nervous…my hair felt smooth and flat which I hate, and the makeup felt like I had pancake batter on my face and caterpillars on my eyes. But the photographer made me feel at home, comfortable, and nurtured. I made myself dive right in as she assured me that she’d play with my hair a bit to make it more me, and that once we got going, I wouldn’t even notice the makeup.

And she was right, because I was too busy feeling like every lump and ripple was on display in my first pose…I was sure the first shot was going to be awful because I just didn’t see myself as anything other than an out of shape middle age woman with stretch marks and wrinkles.


She showed me the very first shot and I was in disbelief! If it wasn’t for the fact that I was with her the whole time, I would’ve thought she had manipulated the image. It was gorgeous and it was actually me! Well, after I saw that photo, it all got so much easier and was much more fun! She had some of my favorite music playing and we had a wonderful time. I felt so pretty and so sensual, so bold and so proud too.

Here is that first unreal shot!

Megan has a talent for capturing real women in the most empowering and beautiful way while making me forget the parts of myself I obsess over usually…we are beautiful as we are and Megan has an incredible way of showing that to us! She has a way of revealing to us the beauty that we have become blind to…she has some serious talent, for photography and also for bringing out that soulful self that we hold onto so tightly. It was an experience I would not trade for anything and I am so glad I went for it. She really helped me to embrace my body, myself, and to shine!

That look on my face…that’s the feeling I had❤️

And I had wanted to keep it a secret before, not so much now. I have not and will not be sharing with my husband. ****This experience was not about him or sex. It was about me. It was about reclaiming my body and my beauty. I’m pleased to share with the women in my life, to help them along their own journey.

***UPDATE: my husband found out, and though not happy that I kept it to myself, he is incredibly proud of me!

Check me out here !

To continue your own journey, or begin for that matter, Find Megan here! You’ll be glad you did!


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