On my journey back from my unraveling, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for things that inspire me or promote my mental well-being. I hate to say it, but Facebook put my likes to good use, and an ad for ZOX kept popping up. At first, I ignored the ads, but one product in particular caught my eye: click here to check it out

Anyway, I checked out the site and though I decided not to purchase the one that caught my attention at first, I definitely found a few that spoke to me. Before I get to that, let me tell you what the product is: inspirational words combined with unique art made into a bracelet. They have different styles and some other variations, but I’d describe them as elastic bracelets that are fun, reversible, and inspiring. Here is a link to their website

So how have I put these straps, as they are called, to use in my life? Well, I bought one for myself that reads Look Within. It also has colors and a pattern that remind me of my spirit animal, the sea turtle, so it was perfect for me. I use it to remind myself that I have all I need within me to be my best self.

The other one that I especially find helpful is Have Faith. Many of you read my post about this phrase already, and you know that I associate it with religion, which is sooo not me. And that’s part of what I like about ZOX-the quote that came with it could resonate with anyone, and relate to anything. This particular strap reminds me to be patient and persistent: two of my greatest challenges!

I also ordered Shine On with a certain young girl in mind. She had some social and emotional obstacles in her early years, and is a very special and unique little lady. She isn’t afraid to be herself despite what others think, but sometimes faces social consequences. I gave her this strap and a huge hug, and I was rewarded by her smile. She’s headed to middle school soon and I hope she is able to keep shining.

And I have a friend who has been struggling with some family issues for the last couple of years. She has been feeling down, but has kept things private. I often find it’s tough to support someone when you don’t know the nature of their struggle, but I found Keep Going and gifted her this strap. It brought tears to her eyes, and made both of us smile.

So thank you ZOX. You are making a difference, and you are helping me to make a difference as well.

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