So for this spring holiday, my boys (hubby and son) always try to do something for me, often quite lame but nice nonetheless. This year, I said I want my kayak home from storage and I’m going for a paddle and a pedi. I released them from their holiday responsibilities and left the house bright and early with my kayak. I paddled around a beautiful lake that I had never been to before. I saw turtles, mallards, a loon, a muskrat and the most vibrant orioles!

When I was ready, I packed up my boat and went to the spa to be pampered. It was so relaxing that I even snoozed in the massage chair! Afterwards, feeling sleepy and cozy, I came home and took a fabulous nap! 4 hours!

It was the best Mothers Day because I didn’t have to take care of ANYONE! Not that I don’t enjoy taking care of my family, it’s just that it’s nice to have a day off once in awhile!

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