I have the fortunate privilege of living in a college town, and in the science building, attached to the 6th floor, there is a greenhouse. It is warm and sunny and quiet, with just the faintest trickle of a water fountain in the air. It is perfectly situated to get sun for more than half the day, and it is wonderful.

When I walk in, I am immediately struck by the warmth. Typically, I detest being hot or sweaty, but this warmth is earthy and grounding. I find it soothes my nervous system and my mind. I often just wander in an area touching the various leaves and flowers. I find my thoughts slow down, and sometimes just stop all together. I am in that moment, feeling the sun on my face and breathing in the warm air.

I linger and enjoy the peaceful easy feeling, the quiet and stillness. When it is time to leave, I have found that I feel sharper, more aware, more intelligent even! It is like spending time in a comfy cozy chair with a fuzzy blanket and a cup of tea, but with a more invigorating effect. I highly recommend a visit to a greenhouse, or even creating your own mini greenhouse. It’s worth it!

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