One of my sisters recently posted this image and it spoke to me. It was perfect timing as I had been feeling broken. I joked, “if only you could see all the gold filling my cracks, I’d sparkle.” To which she replied, “I feel like we should all say that to ourselves. We don’t ever cut ourselves a break.” Bingo. Lightbulb moments right there. And I feel like the featured image, a human heart repaired by gold, is something I need to keep in my mind when I’m talking to others. Not just that I’ve been broken, but they have too. Just because we cannot see the cracks, does not mean they aren’t there. Below I’ve listed a link that goes in depth using this Japanese art as a metaphor. Feel free to take a look, I thought it was pretty great…they equate inadequate fillers to poor choices, and outline some simple thoughts on how to take care of your “cracks”.

kintsukuroi and emotions as a metaphor

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