Another talk, this time about heartbreak…I came to watch it by accident, but it was still captivating. I have been fortunate to not have been heartbroken recently, but heartbreak can come in the form of a death of a loved one, a rift within your family, traditional breakups, or any other time you experience loss of love. Here’s the talk I listened to :

Here are my notes that I found interesting.

  • The same instincts we rely on in life will lead us down the wrong path when your heart is broken
  • “Withdrawal of romantic love activates the same part of the brain responsible for addiction”
  • You are “feeding addiction when you recall the love, texts, social media…” and the heart broken do not recognize it as addiction, and “it deepens the pain, and complicates the emotional recovery.”
  • Understand the “why” leads to the ability to move on
  • “Often when given a reason, we reject it. Our pain is so dramatic that the reason must be equally dramatic.”
  • “You need closure to resist addiction,” and have to let go.
  • “Hope can be destructive when you’re heartbroken.”
  • “Getting over heartbreak is not a journey. It is a fight.”

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