Last week I ran out of my antidepressants. My dr had been wanting me to cut my dose in half as it was, I had a cold that could’ve been covid, and the pharmacy didn’t refill my prescription and is closed on the weekend…so I’ve been off them for a week.

At first, I felt the same as always…then Friday hit and I felt mostly the same, but I found myself getting irritated with people for things that were quite insignificant. I thought maybe I was just tired from being sick the last couple days.

Saturday came and we went to visit a college with our son (a topic for another time). The person sitting behind me was breathing loudly…no congestion or anything like that, just breathing loudly. And my level of agitation was off the charts. I was so annoyed, but I told myself I was being dramatic and I was just nervous about my sons college visit.

Later that afternoon, I went down to the lake to paddle and read, as I often do. Usually it’s just what I need to reset and feel peaceful. There was this one guy who was talking to his toddler like he was trying to sell him a used car…I heard myself mumbling “shut up” to myself. Another persons dog kept yapping and once again, I mumble to myself “shut your dog up”. Later, some young adults are floating on a paddle board talking. They’re pretty far out but I can hear every annoying word. Again, I’m agitated and mumbling to myself.

Notice a theme here?

Long story short…I’m going to the pharmacy tomorrow and come hell or high water, I’m going back on my meds! They work!